Silver Partner Dog Digital: The digital greyhound

With 26 years of experience, the full-service agency, Dog Digital, is everything but the new kid on the block. With a full-service offering for their customers to pick and choose from, Silver Partner Dog Digital is their guiding star in navigating the complex digital universe.

Silver Partner Dog Digital

Dog Digital x Ucommerce: A blast from the past

The Partnership between Ucommerce and Dog Digital goes back to 2017. In the search for a scalable and flexible e-commerce platform that integrates with both Umbraco and Sitecore, Dog Digital came across Ucommerce, and the decision to go in this direction was quickly made.


“I couldn't think of any other solution that would have allowed us to do everything we wanted to do in terms of customization”
Kimberly Blessing Head of Technology


Ucommerce Silver Partner Dog Digital

When working with flexibility as the focus on the solution, the communication within the partnership was pivotal for Dog Digital. Head of Technology, Kimberly Blessing, highlights the support from the Ucommerce Solutions team: “We are grateful to have a Ucommerce Solution Architect to help us integrate the system and get the expert advice upfront. In effect, it meant that we could go from Ucommerce 6 to the up-to-date version in no time.”


Dog is diverse

Dog Digital started in 1996 with a focus on web design and development. Now with expertise across technology, marketing, creative and customer experience, Dog's success has come from working closely and collaboratively with their clients.

By providing an integrated approach across all digital disciplines and working as an extension of their client's team, Dog Digital is able to continually challenge the status quo, push boundaries and create innovative solutions for their customers - vital in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

“For some clients, we are more of a technology team, and for other clients, we are more of a consulting team - it all depends on what the clients want us to be for them”
Kimberly Blessing Head of Technology

Are you our new Partner?

If you want to be a part of the Ucommerce family and offer our platform to your customers, please reach out to our Partner Management team. As with all other kinds of relationships, it all starts with the first “date”. We’ll see if we’re an initial fit, and then we’ll take it from there.

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