B3 Grit: Empowering businesses with customer-centric solutions and strategic partnerships

Founded in September 2022 in Sweden, B3 Grit provides innovative services that empower businesses to effectively manage their customer interactions, digital services, and internal collaboration. With a team of 30 skilled consultants across Sweden, a commitment to continuous improvement, and strategic partnerships, B3 Grit is dedicated to delivering exceptional value to its clients.

Building business through partnerships

Created on the backbone of the major Swedish consulting company B3 Consulting Group, B3 Grit focuses on delivering a value proposition for customer experience management, encompassing various aspects such as customer interaction, digital services, and effective management of their clientele. Simultaneously, B3 Grit also prioritizes enhancing the employee experience by providing digital workplace solutions and tools to foster collaboration within organizations. This approach requires collaborating with different platforms and technical products. This is in fact what led them to establish a connection with Ucommerce and later, become our Silver Partner.

 alt=We find that Ucommerce has a really cool market fit. It's easy to integrate to other CMS platforms for example, and there is a market fit that suits customers who face the challenge of finding the right e-com tool for their complex business”.
                        Katarina Stekovic, CEO at B3

Recognizing the importance of providing a broad range of solutions, B3 Grit actively cultivates partnerships with leading technology providers. This collaborative approach enables B3 Grit to recommend suitable platforms and tools to clients, ensuring that they have access to the best-fit solutions for their business requirements. The firm's partnership with Ucommerce, for instance, offers clients an easy-to-integrate and market-fit e-commerce tool that simplifies digital solution development and empowers clients to manage their own projects in the future. By offering flexibility and independence, B3 Grit enables clients to make long-term, strategic choices that align with their business goals.

Experienced and dedicated team

The B3 Grit team is committed to overcoming challenges, learning from failures and moving forward, just like the name of the organization suggests. “We chose the name Grit because it is a word that means to have passion and perseverance, to be able to achieve certain goals and to overcome challenges. And that's very much our DNA,” Katarina Stekovic, CEO at B3 Grit, explains. The environment at B3 Grit fosters a collaborative and learning-oriented culture, where team members exchange experiences and knowledge, driving continuous growth and improvement. (And this is actually one of the reasons we’re so excited to partner up with B3 Grit - it’s all about the values.)

 alt=We recognize the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends. And that’s why we’re committed to continuously improving our offerings, listening to client feedback, and embracing the latest innovations"
Katarina Stekovic, CEO at B3

Ucommerce Silver Partner B3 Grit

Continuous innovation and adaptability

By doing so, the agency ensures that its clients get solutions that enable them to grow in an ever-evolving digital landscape. The partnership with Ucommerce is another stepping stone towards being able to deliver future-proof e-commerce solutions.

Welcome to  B3 Grit. We can’t wait to continue our journey together with your great team. No doubt we’ll be able to ignite a lot of e-commerce engines out there.

 alt="B3 Grit have the resources, competencies, and know-how that makes them the perfect match for Ucommerce. With all the best parts from B3 Consulting Group, their focus is on web development together with e-commerce and they target the same segment as we do. Finally, they have shown us their willingness to collaborate and their dedication."

Mads Lybech, Partner Manager Ucommerce

Are you our new Partner?

If you want to be a part of the Ucommerce family and offer our platform to your customers, please reach out to our Partner Management team. Like all other kinds of relationships, it all starts with the first “date”. We’ll see if we’re an initial fit, and then we’ll take it from there.

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