Powerhouse Partner Kruso: Robinson Crusoe in the Nordic tech industry


Like Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, Ucommerce Powerhouse Kruso explores its expanses by understanding how they can become trendsetters and stay first movers in the web development industry. However, they explore the environment strategically. The company prevents its ship from wrecking on a desert island by building around three Cs: craftsmanship, curiosity, and care.

Driven by three Cs: craftsmanship, curiosity, and care

Being Robinson Crusoe of the tech industry, Kruso highlights the importance of three Cs in their business journey: craftsmanship, curiosity, and care. One of their most important missions is to explore possibilities to deliver the best e-solution and be the first movers & doers in web development and consulting. 

Kruso focuses on delivering the highest class tech solutions for customers, and that’s where focus on craftsmanship appears. According to Kruso’s Marketing Manager Signe, crafting high-end e-solutions always make customers happy, and it’s one of the most vital points that defines Kruso as caring for craft and detail

The agency aims to become a trendsetter and always stand on the frontline. Instead of following trends, Kruso prioritizes curiosity as one of its top company values. That’s where Partnerships come in: Kruso understands that being curious also means looking up to more opportunities in partnerships. Kruso wants to become first movers collectively with Partners, daring to step in and reach the frontline together.

The third C is for caring. Kruso believes that employees can only thrive in a caring environment; that’s why one of their central company values is dedicated to sustaining a motivational, social, and caring environment in that Krusaders can excel. 

"The collaboration with Ucommerce has worked from the get-go. The architectural sparring and assistance in different parts of the project phase are invaluable.”
Niels Simonsen Brinkø CTO & Partner

First movers & doers with Partnerships

Kruso aims to be close to its customers. That’s why the company approaches clients by positioning itself as a partner rather than a business entity. Besides developing complex web platforms and digital consulting services, Kruso also establishes solid and long-lasting relationships with its Partners and customers.

Kruso believes that collaboration with Ucommerce is about complimenting each other. Powerhouse Partnership ensures that the end-customer satisfaction arises from delivering high-end software and service. That's why Kruso is an active Partner of Ucommerce, continuously improving through offerings, such as an Onsite Masterclass


 alt=The combination of Ucommerce Masterclass while setting up a customer project allowed us to accelerate the initial development process.

Niels Simonsen Brinkø, CTO & Partner at Kruso

Back in January, Ucommerce released the first version of our newly developed Headless API. This out-of-the-box option allows Ucommerce partners to create Headless solutions. Kruso was among the first Partners to get on board with Headless. According to Niels, "With the new Headless strategy Ucommerce is kicking off, they allow customers to scale and adapt much faster than before.”

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