Powerhouse Partner Korazon: Customer-centred e-business expert

Korazon is Ucommerce Powerhouse Partner

“Nowadays, the internet is the vein that runs through our customers' companies. Korazon wants to be in the heart of the customer”. This is how Philip Vanassche, co-CEO, describes Korazon’s DNA. This approach to the market and the customers proves that the synergy between Korazon’s expertise and the customer-first mindset has consolidated the company’s position as an e-business expert in the Belgian market.

30+ years of experience

Let's go back to 1990. A company starts selling PCs and suddenly witnesses the acceleration of the internet. Korazon became one of the first companies to develop internet projects in Belgium. After surviving the internet bubble and a boom in competition, Korazon now finds itself firmly grounded on the market as an e-commerce expert with 30+ years of experience.

This journey strengthened Korazon’s values and the knowledge that the customer is at the centre at all times. Also, those collaborations are about helping customers grow.

Asked about the relevance of a Partnership with Ucommerce, Philip explains that a Powerhouse Partnership empowers Korazon to deliver the top-notch digital transformation that taps into a healthy organic growth of the customer. Healthy organic growth is the keyword in Korazon’s business strategy toward the client.

"Korazon decided to become a Ucommerce Powerhouse Partner to get access to the benefits that the Partnership offers. The decision is also based on the fact that our mindset matches Ucommerce's: We always go all-in to create the most possible value for our customers."
Philip Vanassche Co-CEO at Korazon

“We’re in it for the long run”

Korazon works with companies that believe in longevity and long-term relations. This is one of the reasons that Ucommerce made sense as a partner. It’s more than “just” a platform - it’s about working together with people that also want to create these amazing customer experiences.

Philip underlines that the Partnership is a strategic choice. The combination of Korazon’s development of their own PIM system and the collaboration with Ucommerce will help sustain the company’s position in the market as an e-business expert.

So far, Korazon has successfully implemented Ucommerce for Crack, an online furniture store. Another project is on its way later this year. We look foreward to presenting Korazon's collaboraiton with Crack soon - stay tuned. 

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