Powerhouse Partner Alpha Solutions: Great tech goes hand in hand with people

Alpha Solutions

With technology being the company's core base, Alpha Solutions builds solutions for human-driven needs. The global development company continuously focuses on creating solutions that customers benefit from.

Therefore, they develop with the question, “How will the customer benefit?”. That’s why the Powerhouse Partnership with Ucommerce serves the core value of Alpha Solutions: to create and modify according to end-customers needs.

Ucommerce x Alpha Solutions

In searching for an easily implemented e-commerce platform, Alpha Solutions found Ucommerce as the perfect fit. “We know Ucommerce works very well on both Sitecore and Umbraco and is easy to sell to end customers,” explains Alexandre Beguin, E-business Consultant at Alpha Solutions.

Alpha Solutions

Alpha Solutions was looking for a platform that could be easily integrable with Umbraco or Sitecore. One of the reasons Alpha Solutions went for a Powerhouse Partnership with Ucommerce is that Ucommerce is a flexible .NET platform, which brings satisfaction to developers. 

In addition, solutions are often complex, but Ucommerce technology, with its open and extensible API, makes necessary modifications that tap into the end customer’s needs. Alexandre highlights that Ucommercians are always ready to help and tackle challenges that stand in the way of creating seamless e-commerce solutions.

We know Ucommerce, and it is easy to implement – that is one of the reasons why we choose to have a Powerhouse Partnership.
Alexandre Beguin E-business Consultant at Alpha Solutions

Best of Breed

Alpha Solutions has built every solution based on a hand-picked choice of platforms to integrate into the solution. The purpose is to best meet every client’s needs. 

“We’re technology influencers because we implement a lot of solutions. Every time we work hard to contribute to their evolution”, Alexandre from Alpha Solutions explains.

Alpha Solutions

Alpha Solutions works with multiple Partners to tailor it precisely as wished - which is why they chose to pair up with Ucommerce.

Alpha Solutions uses different technologies to meet various customers’ needs; that’s why the company established a network of Partners – it meets Alpha Solutions’ purpose to deliver future-proof digital solutions that make e-businesses run more efficiently.

Alpha Solutions implements high-end and secure solutions from furniture brands to medical companies – so they have a tremendous digital surfing and editing experience.

Alpha Solutions

Alpha Solutions was founded in Denmark in 2004, but has since then outgrown the office. Today the company has over 100 employees worldwide: Copenhagen, Oslo, New Jersey, Dallas and Los Angeles.

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You can become a part of the Ucommerce Partner network and access Partnership benefits, such as Onsite Masterclass, and working with one of the most flexible & composable e-commerce platforms on the market!

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