Gold Partner Petra: Connecting Hearts & Mind

You can find Ucommerce Gold Partner Petra Agency in the heart of Helsingborg, Sweden, the dramatic old building, St. Nicolaj. Petra Agency is part of a trinity with Pyramid, a marketing communication agency, and Graal Brand Agency, a branding and identity agency. By delegating the knowledge across the three agencies, Petra offers flexible solutions suited to their client's digital and communication needs. 


A thriving international organization, Petra Agency was awarded Agency of the Year in Sweden in 2022. 

Petra Agency chose to become a Ucommerce Partner because they were looking for a flexible e-commerce platform that could integrate with Umbraco and Sitecore CMS.

Petra Agency & Ucommerce

In the search for a platform that provides both framework and functionalities, Petra Agency came across Ucommerce.  With the focus on B2B customers and the ability to tailor the solutions to fit the clients’ strategic direction, Petra saw  Ucommerce as the perfect e-commerce fit for Umbraco and Sitecore

"It is a value for us to meet the customers' needs and help them in any way we can; that is also why we chose Ucommerce," says Marketing Specialist Hugrún dís Jónsdóttir and points out the flexibility of using Ucommerce to give the customer a unique and personal experience.


The ability to tailor the product to the individual customer: that is our main focus!
   Hugrún dís Jónsdóttir, Customer Relations Manager

Connecting Hearts & Minds

Petra Digital Agency is a spinoff from the former Pyramid Communication. With more than 30 years of experience in B2B communication, Petra Agency challenges traditional global IT consultants. 

Operating on all digital fronts – from developing in-depth strategies to websites, apps, and social campaigns, Petra tailors the solution to their customers' needs. The power of the trinity lies in the delegation of knowledge which secures a tailored solution for the end customers. 

"We are agile in the way we support our customers," explains Country Manager for Finland Kimmo Kanerva, highlighting the strength of being able to support their customers with a high level of expertise and competence. 

Working on both: content and technical aspects, Petra Agency is able to guide its clients in the newest digital developments.

The separation of the three agencies makes it possible to create the whole picture and offer specialized knowledge to the customers. By doing so, the expertise is spread out across multiple fields, giving the client the best possible outcome.

Agency of the Year 2022

By connecting hearts and minds, Petra was awarded in 2022 as the best Digital Agency of the Year in Sweden. This award is based on customer evaluations. "We are honoured and happy to be chosen by our customers," says Kimmo, highlighting the importance of Petra focusing on relations more than “just” projects.

"We are honored and super thrilled to be chosen by our customers."
Kimmo Kanerva Country Manager in Finland

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