New Silver Partner Osolo: Proactive, Passionate, and Pragmatic

Osolo is Ucommerce Silver Partner

Ucommerce’s new Silver Partner Osolo was founded in 2017 as the fusion between Osolo Consultant Group and Celebration Studios. The strategic decision to gather the strengths of both organizations under one roof makes them capable of covering all the necessary phases of digital projects. 

Powered by three P’s: Proactiveness, Passion, and Pragmatics

The Sweden-based digital agency is an expert in system development, consultancy, and design of digital solutions. Osolo highlights three keywords as the core of their company: Proactive, Passion, and Pragmatics.

With the ambition to be proactive, Osolo draws on their ability to be innovative and experienced at the same time. By being curious and actively seeking new solutions and improvements, Osolo works hard to be one step ahead.

For Osolo, Passion drives success: “We are humans who develop and design for humans”. With the ambition for the customer to be satisfied with the result, it requires a burning fire for the project. 

Finally, Osolo is pragmatic by being result-oriented. For an experienced and innovative company, the importance of having a measurable effect cannot be underestimated.

Having fun on the road - straight towards the goal

Osolo describes itself: “As a company, we are unpretentious and easy to work with, but also professional, creative and knowledgeable.” 

The focus on user-centered design to optimize websites for a great user experience makes Osolo more than just a consulting group. With both creativity and knowledge, the company thrives toward the best possible result for the customers. “We want to change, contribute to and develop your digital communication,” says CEO Håkan Reutman. 

Osolo x Ucommerce: Partnership fuelled by meeting customer’s need

Osolo specializes in creating digital experiences with Umbraco CMS. Therefore Ucommerce served as an applicable e-commerce system. In fact, Osolo decided to explore a Partnership with Ucommerce, as they saw it would meet their customers’ need for a licensed e-commerce platform with value for money. 

As CEO Håkan Reutman states: “We are investing a lot of time in actually learning the system, the product, and the company, so we see this collaboration as a future investment for us.”

Ucommerce platform delivers a competent and intuitive solution that meets the demands and more. Big kudos to the excellent and helpful Ucommerce support team!
Håkan Reutman CEO Osolo Consultant Group

Become Ucommerce Partner

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