Introducing Gold Partner Combine: digitisation expert in Northern Denmark

Ucommerce Gold Partner Combine

With over 20 years of experience, digital consulting agency Combine helps companies scale through digitisation. The Gold Partnership with Ucommerce allows Combine to deliver even more tailored and targeted e-commerce solutions for B2B and B2C segments.

Strategy-first focus

Combine has been a significant market player in Denmark for more than two decades. The company's expertise has roots in a long history of creating complex tech solutions. Business Development Manager, Jonas Haldrup Nielsen, says: "At Combine, we turn companies' digital potential into business. We always move businesses first and solutions second. Therefore, we need flexible and scalable platforms to manage different business needs over time and scale in a direction that we may not know yet."

For Combine's clients to create solid value with e-commerce, the company decided to shift its focus from web development only to also delivering digitisation consultancy services. Combine's approach is to always create insight-driven projects with companies: "We see ourselves as a strategic relation and advisor. Our finest job is to make sure we deliver the right solution for our clients and not just any solution," Jonas adds.

"Combine's approach narrows down to creating insight-driven projects with companies. We see ourselves as a strategic relation and advisor. Our finest job is to make sure we deliver the right solution for our clients and not just any solution."
Jonas Haldrup Nielsen Business Development Manager at Combine

Maximising digitisation experience with Ucommerce Partnership

Flexibility and scalability are the key selling points. That is why Combine chose to partner up with Ucommerce. Being an e-commerce platform for medium-sized companies and a technically flexible platform, Combine sees Ucommerce as the perfect fit to maximise clients’ e-com value creation while digitising their businesses.

Combine is also a Umbraco Gold Partner. Combining both partnerships creates the essential expertise in both systems, which allows Combine to deliver solutions tailored to their clients' needs.

Ucommerce checkout flow for Sol og Strand

Combine’s expertise with Ucommerce and Umbraco has resulted in a tailored and fully revamped booking platform in Sol og Strand’s digital solution. Combine changed Sol og Strand’s e-platform into a safer, more flexible, and scalable platform, adaptable to various markets. Revamping an entire booking system can be challenging. However, the combination of Combine’s consultancy and expertise with Umbraco and Ucommerce as the fit systems resulted in increased numbers that you’ll find in the upcoming Success Story.

"We are thrilled to see the value of Ucommerce and Combine's Partnership and what it brings to the table for market players like Sol og Strand. We pay attention to creating pleasant customer experiences, and Combine's expertise leaves no doubt of living up to such mission."
Mads Thomsen Sales Director at Ucommerce

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