mmmake - The digital feeling of coming home

The Ucommerce Gold Partner mmmake is a 360o digital service company. In the search for a flexible e-commerce solution that fits with Sitecore, mmmake chose to partner up with Ucommerce in 2019.

The Power of Partnerships

Partnership is key. This applies both to their partnership with customers, but also to the Partnership between Ucommerce and mmmake. Thus, the company chose a very practical approach to find out if the fit was there on the technical side. mmmake simply showed our Ucommerce demo for Sitecore to their client to demonstrate the seamless fit of an alternative e-commerce solution to Sitecore’s own e-commerce offering.

“We want to be the tech guides for our clients and deliver great digital solutions. Working with Ucommerce on Sitecore allows us to create high-quality, complex and future-fit solutions with endless possibilities.”
Andreas Kölle Partner Manager

In action, the Partnership has proven to be a strong technology package. With the relaunch of Blickle’s website, the goal was to increase conversion and provide customers with a strong basis for advice. By combining Ucommerce and Sitecore, mmmake created a future-proof and easy-to-maintain framework where the options are almost endless. 

A 360° digital service company

mmmake is a German-based company with a mixture of consulting, agency and technology services. With the main focus on communication between humans, brands and machines, mmmake offers full-scale digital guidance with a sustainable future in mind. With over 20 years of experience, mmmake is an expert in Sitecore, and together with Ucommerce, the possibilities are endless.

There is nothing like home

The mmmake family holds a large variety of people - the more corners and edges, the better. That is the charm of the company. As Partner Manager Andreas Kölle says:

“mmmake is like the German word “Heimat” which means hometown. Home is where the heart is - and there is nothing like the feeling of coming home”.
Andreas Kölle Partner Manager

With more than 300 employees spread across multiple countries, flexibility is key for the company to secure high-quality guidance for their customers. 

Through the possibility of working from all over Germany, mmmake shows that it doesn't matter who or where you are. The company believes that high performance comes from the heart and happiness of their employees.

Are you our new Partner?

If you want to be a part of the Ucommerce family and offer our platform to your customers, please reach out to our Partner Management team. You can also learn more about what we do by diving into our Succes Stories or read more about the combination of Ucommerce & Sitecore below.

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