Gold Partner GORM Agency: A digital agency that’s all about good old-fashioned craftsmanship

Copenhagen-based digital agency, GORM Agency, creates tailored, complex and quality-oriented solutions for their customers with a focus on partnership. In the search for a flexible and value-creating e-commerce & CMS solution, GORM Agency decided that Umbraco and Ucommerce serve as the perfect fit.

Creating future-fit solutions with Umbraco & Ucommerce

For GORM Agency, the most important thing is to create excellent customer journeys by being creative and focusing on the right technology for their customers. The company aims to create tailored, complex and quality-oriented solutions for their customers with a focus on partnership. And in the search for the most optimal e-commerce solution, they saw the perfect fit in Umbraco and Ucommerce.

 alt=When we were looking for the most flexible e-commerce solution - we saw an awesome fit in Umbraco and Ucommerce."
Mads Larsen, Business Development Director

The partnership started in 2020, and Mads Larsen highlights the benefits of collaborating with the Ucommerce Solutions Team. He adds that the Ucommerce Framework First approach provides essential flexibility when integrating the system into their customers' solutions. However, the Framework First approach also demands that developers are skilled and 100% on board with the approach.


Proper to the core

According to the urban dictionary, a GORM Agency is a person who has no idea what they are doing. But rest assured, the digital agency GORM Agency is the opposite! GORM Agency is part of First Chair Group which holds 7 companies focused on knowledge, creativity, and technology. The strong advantage here is that GORM Agency can be part of the customer's journey from A-Z.

 alt=It is essential that we always deliver high quality - all the way down to the last line of code."
 Mads Larsen, Business Development Director

A lot has changed since Gorm Larsen started his design studio back in the 1970s, but the walls, the craftsman mentality, and the philosophy remain the same. Working as a digital agency is all about knowing what makes you stand out. With the approach to being quality-minded in everything they do, the people working at GORM Agency are extremely conscious when it comes to quality and details in their solutions.

 alt=We believe that the only way to create great digital solutions is openness and honesty between Partners. We have that with Ucommerce, and we have that with our clients."
 Mads Larsen, Business Development Director

Are you our new Partner?

If you want to look into the possibility of being part of the Ucommerce journey and offering our platform to your customers, please reach out to our Partner Management team for an informal conversation. Let’s see if we are a fit 💙

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