ABA Skol live: New e-commerce and PIM

Ucommerce go-live story: ABA Skol


ABA Skol is one of the leading material suppliers for preschools, schools, and leisure centres. ABA Skol has a complete product range for schools and preschools that includes everything from creative and educational materials to furniture. For the most important people in the world: Our children. 

ABA Skol decided it was time to create that awesome and much smoother customer experience on the webshop. To do so, ABA Skol went through a revamp of the company’s digital presence with Ucommerce implementation Partner Tietoevry.

New e-commerce and PIM

In September, ABA Skol launched its revamped e-commerce site with Ucommerce Implementation Partner Tietoevry. “New e-commerce & PIM” was the project name and the ultimate goal of the project. 

Tietoevry integrated Ucommerce as ABA Skol’s e-commerce. In addition, Ucommerce was integrated with ABA Skol’s ERP system. Also, to ensure the best editor’s experience, Tietoevry chose to integrate Umbraco CMS to the digital architecture.

Thus, the Partner implemented inriver PIM to a new e-commerce site to provide a new way of managing products and product information. Such a choice created a seamless integration and flow across systems.

Working with Ucommerce was smooth and straightforward since Ucommerce supports all major functions in a modern e-commerce platform and has a well-documented API. In the few cases needed, we got good help from Ucommerce support staff.

The value of well-thought digital commerce

Tietoevry recommended digital architectural choices that adhere to Tietoevry’s strategy of creating value for their customers by always looking for the right fit digital commerce solution - by asking the right questions. 

Creating seamless digital experiences is (simply put) about addressing the main obstacles of the current solution, revisiting existing tools and modernizing them and identifying in which direction the customer wants to go with APIs (DAM? PIM? Great, let’s do this). 

Ultimately, the goal is always to build the foundation for a solid revenue stream with a built-in opportunity to increase revenue and grow the business.

The orchestration of an end-to-end customer journey that exceeds the expectations of the modern customer is also a vital element in that process - and of of the key focal points in this collaboration between Tietoevry and ABA Skol.

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