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Odense ZOO has the title of Europe's Best Zoo with up to 500,000 visitors a year. Since Odense ZOO opened in 1930 as the first private zoo in Denmark, it has been a green oasis in the city of Odense, the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen.


An extraordinary experience requires an extraordinary website. Odense ZOO is one of the most beautiful parks with a unique nature and animals in all size and colors.

The vision for Odense ZOO is to give the guests the best and most adventurous experiences with their animals. Often this experience starts long before the guest steps into the zoo, when the guest plans to visit the zoo.

What animals can I see? How do I book a ticket? When is the lion fed? How do I book a ticket to feed the giraf by hand? All these questions and information should get answered and explored easily from the website, based on the visual experience the zoo offers.


The most important part of the solution was the proces of the project. Starting with af workshop setting up the framework and priorities for the project. Followed up by hands on work days, diving into sitemap and wireframes, in close cooperation with the marketing team at Odense ZOO.

As a result of the priorities in the workshop, it was easy to conclude that besides the information architecture and the visual part of the new design, the integration from Umbraco to the ticket system (Galaxy from Gateway Ticketing Systems Inc) was fundamental for the project to succeed.

First tickets gets reserved in the ticket system, when added to the basket and finally booked and send to the user, after the payment process has completed successfully.

As a framework for the e-commerce functionality and the checkout flow with deep integration to the ticket system, Ucommerce was the perfect match, handling everything from tickets and events to season passes.



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