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Wolters Kluwer is a $4.5 billion global information services, publishing, and software company servicing tax, legal, and health professionals who has spent the last 3 years to reengineer Wolters Kluwer's ecommerce systems, evaluating an extensive range of platforms and ending up on Ucommerce for Umbraco Cloud


To drive economies of scale, common decision making criteria, and reduce continued proliferation of technologies Wolters Kluwer developed a framework and methodology for selecting marketing and ecommerce platforms. Extensive evaluations of various technologies resulted in a recommendation to implement a SaaS solution based on Umbraco Cloud and Ucommerce.

Check out this video from our #RoadTouWestFest – where we interviewed Dann Sheridan from Wolters Kluwer on his thoughts about choosing Ucommerce for Umbraco Cloud.

After an extensive 9-month evaluation of all the major commerce platforms, the combination of Ucommerce and Umbraco Cloud is - hands down - the best solution on the market today. You simply cannot beat the value/cost proposition of these 2 platforms with any other platform.

Dann Sheridan,
Director of GPO Wolters Kluwer

About Ucommerce for Umbraco Cloud

Ucommerce continues to support the development and direction of Umbraco, as it has done since the early days in 2009. Having this focus, Ucommerce was naturally the first major ecommerce platform to integrate with Umbraco Cloud in a seamless manner, enabling implementation partners to leverage the advantages of Umbraco Cloud in a Commerce context. Ucommerce has pledged its allegiance to Umbraco and will continue to support any initiative in and around Umbraco going forward – and especially around Umbraco Cloud, where we see a great potential to leverage the Umbraco story with a ecommerce chapter.

Ucommerce Support for Umbraco Cloud

Coming from an agency background, Ucommerce takes pride in delivering the best support possible for partners implementing projects on Ucommerce. With the very popular Ucommerce Buddy programme, ensuring that all project is knowledgeable, up to date and personal – we strive to do whatever we can to make sure that every project ends with a successful outcome for everyone involved.

Having worked with Ucommerce for Umbraco Cloud – and especially the team behind Ucommerce, we feel confident working with - and recommending customers - to go ahead with Ucommerce for Umbraco Cloud for their commerce projects.

Alexander Dranitsa,
Senior Project Manager, EPAM

Next step

Want to learn more about Ucommerce for Umbraco Cloud – get a hold of us and we’ll be happy to let you in on all the dirty little secrets.



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