UX Intern

Super awesome UX intern with wireframing skills 

Do you want to become a hardcore UX designer? Do you want to work on the leading platform for content and e-commerce? Do you want to get to know tech and get your hands on the design of a product that is used by thousands of people every day? Do you want to work with the heart of e-commerce? 

Then look no further! You are the new UX intern at Ucommerce. 


What will I be doing? 

You will work closely with both developers and designers to create the interface of the software. This means that you will do wireframes on paper and in Sketch, user testing, and design. You will take part in the daily routines and processes of the dev team and be the person who helps visualize all elements. 

You will get experience in how e-commerce really works behind the scenes, how it’s built and what it takes to run a webshop. You will work with our design system and component library - no need to build the same thing twice, right? You will also get first-hand experience in working with experienced development teams providing insights from customers and converting these into new features and improvements on existing ones.


But how can I possibly do all that when I’m “just” an intern? 

Because you will be mentored by your awesome colleagues. As a junior UX designer, you will be working closely with the customer experience director and you will learn all about interfaces, best practices and handling data in design. All you have to do is to be prepared to learn and to have fun while doing so. 


But I don’t know what half of that even means! 

Don’t worry. We will drag you through a bunch of crash courses so you’ll be totally on top of things like development process, e-commerce, UX and design and what Ucommerce even is. And no, you don’t have to be able to code. We’ve got other great people for that. 


So what will I need to do now to get in? 

Send an application today to [email protected].  

Show up for an interview. Impress us with your UX thoughts, your willingness to learn, and your courage to take charge. 



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