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Commerce Alliance: 
a scalable and convenient ecommerce ecosystem

For the first time ever, the three digital platform providers and partners, Ucommerce, Struct PIM, and Raptor join forces to create Commerce Alliance:


A vision for the future that aims to make digital ecosystems truly scalable and more convenient to build by integrating the three key pillars of an ecommerce Digital Experience Platform.

Making digital ecosystems easy to evolve and more convenient to build 🚀

We believe bringing together key platforms built around the same core values and with robust technology ensures a reliable ecosystem that can easily grow together with your business.


Our goal for Commerce Alliance is to help businesses and agencies around the world:

Build an ecosystem that grows together with your business

Your business changes over time. So should your digital ecosystem. Your needs now might be different in one year’s time. Commerce Alliance gives you the freedom and flexibility to expand, switch, or change your ecosystem as your business develops. This will give you ownership over this process and empower you to make changes as you go.

Double the lifespan of your digital ecosystem

At the moment, the average lifespan of an e-commerce ecosystem is around 3-5 years. Commerce Alliance will help extend this! Ecosystems usually experience a major change when not keeping up with business requirements. By being able to switch components as you go in accordance to your needs, such major migrations will no longer be needed. This means a longer life expectancy for your digital ecosystem and less pressure on your organization.

Lower initial investment

You can start out with just the components needed for the first step(s) of your project instead of investing in a complete ecosystem from the start.

Eliminate the guesswork in platform selection

The world is your oyster when working with a best-of-breed approach. But platform selection can be complex and time-consuming when having to do thorough research and selection. Commerce Alliance makes it easy for you by bringing three fundamental and leading platforms needed for a successful e-commerce universe.

Reduce time to market

An open ecosystem gives you the freedom to pick and choose platforms. However, in reality, integrating platforms in a unified solution is not a straightforward process. Therefore, having a set of providers already working together will put you ahead of schedule.

Make ecosystems easier to integrate with pre-built accelerators

Making platforms work together requires integrating them on a technical level every time. With Commerce Alliance, you get pre-built accelerators. This means you don’t need to worry about building this from scratch.

See Commerce Alliance on our shared demo platform

We want to show you how this works.
So we put together a demo platform that you can try out for yourself.

Our 10+ years of ecommerce experience taught us digital platforms that aim to do it all often lack the ability to grow alongside ambitious businesses, while remaining easy to adapt.


We want to change this!

Enter Commerce Alliance

Featuring Struct PIM,
Raptor, and Ucommerce

We’re delighted to introduce you to our vision for the future. This is based on the Best of Breed approach, where an ecosystem is formed by the most well-suited platform in each technology category.

To make this vision come to life, we joined forces with platforms that are key in implementing a modern and robust solution and formed an integrated bundle of Commerce, Recommendation, and PIM.


The #1 user-friendly PIM system with built-in features that give you full control over your product information and enables you to efficiently manage very large product catalogs with even the most complex data models.


Enabling businesses to create personalized customer experiences and delivers product recommendations to boost conversions.


Leading platform for content and commerce with 10+ years of experience. Having a highly flexible environment, you can tailor Ucommerce to fit your needs and expand as your business grows. 

Together we are

Let us show you how!

We would love to have a one on one meeting to get to know your business and show you how Commerce Alliance can help you:


Lower initial investment


Eliminate the guesswork in platform selection



Reduce time to market



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