Ucommerce for Kentico

A commerce-first platform that is tightly integrated into Kentico and can leverage all of your commerce ambitions in a Kentico project.

As a part of our journey towards becoming the preferred commerce platform for the market's leading Web Content Management Systems, we are happy to announce the launch of "Ucommerce for Kentico" with Kentico 11 in December 2017.

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Ucommerce is build commerce-first in terms of architecture and provides all the extensibility and functionality you should expect from a fully fledged modern day commerce platform

From Small to Enterprise

Coming from the commerce world, we live, think and breathe commerce - and that shows in everything we do. We power thousands of commerce sites globally and our experience will help you.

The Ucommerce Journey

We offer free sales support, free developer training as well as an unparalleled support system in our Ucommerce Buddy programme. We will help you every step of the way on your Ucommerce Journey.

"The Kentico partnership with Ucommerce enables you to create best of breed content + commerce solutions."
Petr Vozak, Technology Partnership Product Owner, Kentico

A comprehensive feature-set


Ucommerce is multi in every aspect, such as multiple stores, multiple languages, multiple currencies, multiple price points, multiple shipment and Payment providers.

Built for commerce

Ucommerce is built for commerce from an architectural point of view, not treating content as products, but abstract products from content.

Open and extendable

Commerce is business critical, so integration with business systems are crucial, which is why we have developed a specific framework to handle integration with 3rd party systems - Uconnector.

The Ucommerce Journey

We can assist on each step of the Ucommerce journey, from free online Q&A sessions, free online developer certification, unparalleled project support with the Ucommerce Buddy programme and Customer Success management.

Awesome API

We have commerce experience and know that no 2 commerce projects are identical, which is why Ucommerce is built Framework First, to be as extendible and flexible as possible.


We're Commerce First - we think commerce in all we do, be it architecture, training, support, functionality or helping our customers become true Digital Merchants.


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Good to know. For some

Who is Ucommerce?

Ucommerce is a leading .NET based commerce platform, with the focus on content and commerce. Through seamless integration with the world’s leading .NET Content Management Systems, we provide a commerce platform that leverages all the capabilities of your preferred CMS.

Who is Kentico?

Kentico is one of the world’s leading .NET based Content Management Systems, recognized by leading analysts such as Forrester and Gartner. With Kentico you can create cutting-edge websites and map your customer experience across multiple channels.


The official launch of Ucommerce for Kentico will happen alongside Kentico 11 in Q4 2017. If you like to get involved in earlier versions, reach out to us through the form on the bottom of this page and we will be happy to get you involved.

How about pricing?

We believe in transparency in pricing, so we will work with one specific price point for Ucommerce for Kentico, regardless of your Kentico version. The cost will be market specific, but the base cost will be 5.999 per production server per year.


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