What’s Cooking at Ucommerce? (July Edition)

While most of Team Ucommerce are away on holiday enjoying some time off, the rest of the team are working dedicated to creating awesome results. We have prepared a little read for you about the most significant happenings in July where you will be presented with information about a new release, an exciting announcement, an invitation to the event of the year, a job opening, and much more. So, lean back, scroll down, and dive into the exciting happenings from this month at the Ucommerce office.

Oh, and make sure to read the important information about upgrading to the new version of Ucommerce when using Sitecore.

A new version of Ucommerce

On the 15th of July, we released Ucommerce 9.2 which includes new features, bug fixes, and improvements that, among other things, allow for Ucommerce 9.2. compatibility with Sitefinity 13 and Sitecore 9.3, and make the experience in the Catalogs and Products app much more delightful.

Fortunately, there are no breaking changes between 9.1 and 9.2 so upgrading does not require any changes in your Ucommerce codebase. Though, it is required for anyone currently developing on 9.0 or 9.1 to upgrade to 9.2 as there are a couple of boo-boos that will make going live difficult.

Read more about the new version

Get an overview of all the specifics about the changes, improvements, and bug fixes in the new version by checking out the release notes.

Take me to the release notes


Important information when upgrading using Sitecore:

If you are running a version 8 or below on Ucommerce for Sitecore and want to upgrade to version 9 and up, there are a couple of manual steps that need to be done prior to installing a new version. If the installation is started without taking these steps, the installation will fail and leave the site in a faulty state. To avoid this, we have made a list of the steps that MUST be completed prior to installing the new version.

See important steps

Become a Ucommerce expert

How does improved certification and training material sound to you? With the new release, we want our Ucommerce Academy to accommodate all the changes and improvements made to the platform. Now, it is your chance to have a say about the training and certification material to make it as relevant and informative as possible. Therefore, please go ahead and spend 2-3 minutes on sharing your thoughts about the current Ucommerce training and certification material, and we will make sure to provide better material to improve the capability of your team by ensuring a better understanding of the Ucommerce platform.

So, if you, your colleague, or someone else you know, have ever watched Ucommerce’s training and certification material, make sure to share your thoughts on how they can be improved for future use. Feel free to send the link to your colleague or acquaintance, so we can get as much relevant information as possible since your feedback is the foundation for providing you with improved and as relevant as possible training and certification material.

Share my thoughts

Not quite sure what we are talking about? Take a look at our current content to brush up your memory.

Take me to Ucommerce certifications Take me to Ucommerce training


A 180% increase in sales for Wye Valley Brewery

Since the founding of Wye Valley Brewery, the company has received multiple awards for its beers. Therefore, they felt it was time to let their website match their outstanding products.

Our UK partner, The Site Doctor, who was in charge of redesigning, developing, and supporting the new Wye Valley Brewery website, quickly identified Umbraco and Ucommerce as the ideal combination of function, flexibility, and feature set.

Discount voucher codes and automated multi-buy discounts across the store using Ucommerce’s marketing foundation stimulate sales and encourage users to add more items to their cart. As a result, the solution, which was built in just 8 weeks, generated a 180% increase in sales in the first three months after launching their new website.

Read more about the incredible results and hear what Tim Gaunt, CEO The Site Doctor Ltd, has to say about Ucommerce’s role in the solution.

Read more


We’re announced as finalists!


Ucommerce is amongst the finalists in the European Consumer Centricity Awards 2020.

The European Consumer Centricity Awards, hosted by ARCET Global, is one of the largest virtual customer experience knowledge sharing events in Europe, and therefore, it is a very proud moment for us as we are announced as finalists in all the three categories that we were initially nominated for:

  • Best Customer Experience Strategy
  • Business Change or Transformation
  • Employee Experience

Especially these categories mean a lot to us as they represent something we have worked hard and dedicated on for the past year in particular, and they are all part of our core mentality.

We’re looking very much forward to the finals and the award ceremony in September, and until then, we will continue to work towards creating the best possible employee and consumer experience.

If you want to see all the categories and finalists, you can visit their website.


Job opening at Ucommerce

Are you or do you know someone who would thrive in the role as the operational center of gravity, the business infrastructure responsible, and the wing(wo)man of the CEO in a small, global company with huge ambitions? At Ucommerce, we are currently looking for a Chief  Operating Officer (COO), who is ready to take on a lot of responsibilities and interesting tasks.

As a COO at Ucommerce, you will be in charge of developing the company’s ability to scale, and you will be responsible for the following four areas: Operations, Finance, Business Development, and HR.

So, if you want to make an impact that matters and contribute to the Ucommerce journey, do now hesitate to check out our latest job opening for a COO.

Become our COO   

If you have any questions regarding the position, feel free to reach out to Hannu Vangsgaard, CEO at Ucommerce, via LinkedIn PM or email [email protected]


Want to join the event of the year?

Do you want to join us for the event of the year? Then make sure to save the date for Ucommerce Partner Summit 2020.

On the 22nd of October 2020, we have put a big mark on our calendars. Have you? If not, then we encourage you to do so because, once again, we are hosting a Partner Summit, and we hope that you, no matter if you are working within sales or development, will join us. 

The event will take place at Tivoli Friheden, Skovbrynet 5, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark (see the map), and you can look forward to entertaining and interesting talks, great networking opportunities, roller coaster rides, and much more. Stay tuned for more information and an official invitation to the event.

Mark my calendar

As always, if you have any questions or comments, you are more than welcome to contact us. All you have to do is to send an email to [email protected], give us a call at +45 61 79 99 97, or use the contact form.


All the best,

Team Ucommerce

Are you ready? The new Masterclasses are here! 🎉

With the release of Ucommerce v9, a lot of changes have been made for the Ucommerce platform. To accommodate these changes and improvements, we have revamped our Masterclasses. It was important for us to create new masterclass videos that provide you with the information you need 💡
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