Umbraco Sweden Festival is back the 16th November

On the 16th November, it’s time for the Umbraco Sweden Festival in Gothenburg! The festival is hosted by Ucommerce Power House Webmind for the second year in a row. There will be a business track in addition to the customary tech track, interesting speakers, great venues, networking opportunities, good food, drinks, and parties.

Our very own Martin Sandvad is one of the festival's Keynote Speakers, and together with the Webmind team, he will tell us more about the advantages of Uccelerate. Umbraco Sweden Festival will present a total of fourteen different speakers, some from Umbraco HQ and others from web agencies and companies all over Europe. They all have very interesting topics, and for international visitors, there will always be at least one track in English.

This is an Umbraco-event you don’t want to miss!

To get your tickets and learn more about speakers, schedules, venues and parties visit the Umbraco Sweden Festival website:

Buy tickets

The day before the festival, on the 15th November, Umbraco HQ is giving the course Umbraco Cloud Developer training in Gothenburg, for the first time ever live. And all the Umbraco Sweden Festival attendees get a 50% discount off the course fee! You can read more about the training and get yourself a seat here:

We are very excited to sponsor this year's Umbraco Sweden Festival and we are hoping that you will join us for a weekend of learning, networking and celebrating, along with a lot of fellow Umbraco fans!




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