Ucommerce and Perfion announce strategic commerce and PIM partnership

Ucommerce and Perfion announce strategic commerce and PIM partnership

Ucommerce, a market leading .NET based commerce platform, with the focus on bringing content and commerce together, announces a strategic partnership with Perfion to support the mission of becoming the preferred commerce platform for the market’s leading web content management systems.

"By integrally combining PIM with Ucommerce, we are responding to an increasing demand from our partners and customers, says Ucommerce's CEO and Founder Søren Spelling Lund and continues:

“With Perfion PIM as a foundation of the Ucommerce platform, we are ensuring high quality content delivered to the webshop to help build brand and customer loyalty. It is also well known that webshops with well-organized and optimized product content achieve higher conversion rates. Consequently, the advantages of the integration between Ucommerce and Perfion are evident.”

Jan Nørret, CEO, Perfion: "The combination of Perfion PIM and Ucommerce results in a very strong standard solution. Web shops with good and comprehensive product descriptions convert visitors to buyers much better than shops without. Using PIM as the foundation for your ecommerce platform ensures high quality content bursting with valuable information (images, descriptions, technical specifications, PDF files, brochures) to convince customers to buy products. Add to that the power of having two platforms both built with best-of-breed in mind ".

Perfion PIM and Ucommerce - The best of two worlds

Perfion is the standard Product Information Management (PIM) solution for companies with a complex product structure or need for multi-channel, multi-language communication. With Perfion you get a single source of truth for product information which gives you control of all product data wherever they are applied. Ucommerce also support multi-channel, multi-language and offers an out-of-the-box web store that processes orders 24/7, provides accurate order and inventory information and supports your sales agents on the road with the mobile app.

The Ucommerce App

With the specially developed Perfion and Ucommerce App, you can easily re-use your single source of truth for product information to an online storefront. The Ucommerce and Perfion integration enables you to save valuable time and money by reusing available product information. Your ecommerce will benefit from consistent and high quality content (text, images, video, audio) delivered to your webshop directly from Perfion.

Learn more about the partnership

Register for this 45 min. live webinar and learn more about Perfion for Ucommerce and how you can leverage your customers using this new app. https://ucommerce.net/perfion

About Ucommerce

Ucommerce is the market’s leading .NET based commerce platform with a focus on bringing content and commerce together. Through seamless integration with the world’s leading web content management systems, Ucommerce provides a commerce platform that leverages all the capabilities of your WCMS. Ucommerce is a global company empowering more than 3,000 websites worldwide. The company is headquartered in Denmark and maintains local offices in the US, United Kingdom and Australia.

About Perfion

Perfion gives you the power to boost your productivity and creativity. Say goodbye to prolonged product information searches and worrying about data validity, and hello to more time for your core tasks.

We know that you can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and still be in business tomorrow. By continuously working to improve the Perfion PIM solution – in collaboration with our customers – we are dedicated to finding new ways to solve real-life problems.

We take pride in understanding your business and making a tangible difference. You’ll immediately discover our dedication and acumen first-hand when you talk to our consultants about your business needs and how we can help. Perfion is a global company headquartered in Denmark, with offices in the United States, Germany and Bulgaria.

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