Ucommerce Academy

The Purpose Of Knowledge

Recently, we've introduced Ucommerce Academy – a new learning platform where our partners can find information and training videos regarding Ucommerce. This brand new initiative was built to make it easier for our partners to gain knowledge and achieve or maintain their certification status with Ucommerce. Here are the reasons why we decided to go for it.

In the beginning, we were so eager to spread the word about Ucommerce that we traveled to each individual partner and trained them at their offices, for free. We were just happy that someone was interested in hearing about the platform and we still are! But it was a very time-consuming and not scalable solution. And as we grew and started to become more and more global, it was simply not viable.

We tried to gather inspiration from our fellow platforms in the business who charged for training to basically cover the costs. And so, we started working with the same business model and charged for onsite and online training. But it never really felt right because at the end of the day, we wanted to share our knowledge. For what is the purpose of knowledge, but to share it with others?

In the spring of 2016, we decided to change our training model again instead of charging for training, we had an online instructor lead Master Classes for free. This strategy turned out to be a great success. We could finally share all of our knowledge around Ucommerce with the world. Throughout the Master Class phase we had trained and certified more than 1000 developers. We were very happy – but again, our growth started to get in the way of our intentions. With 4 different CMS’s (Umbraco, Sitecore, Kentico and Sitefinity) and 3 major time zones (US, EU and AU), we were feeling the pressure and demand. Even though we were organizing as many Master Classes as possible, we still didn’t quite satisfy individual partners' needs, because how could we help that one AU-based partner who really needed training on Kentico for a project at a very specific moment and couldn't afford to wait?

The answer is Ucommerce Academy

With our new Ucommerce Academy, all the training videos were put online and accessible to everyone. So not only can they be viewed and used for training purposes when you want to achieve certification – they can also be used for inspiration and support in your day to day work. We created a full certification program for both Salespeople and Developers, and especially for developers, it is not a walk in the park to get certified. If you have the Ucommerce chops to pass the certification test, you can wear your badge with pride – you are indeed one of the best!

Take a look at Ucommerce Academy and try it out, we would love all of your feedback to try and make it even better. And remember that you need to maintain your certification status through Ucommerce Academy to stay a Ucommerce Certified Partner.

Get Certifed now

Are you ready? The new Masterclasses are here! 🎉

With the release of Ucommerce v9, a lot of changes have been made for the Ucommerce platform. To accommodate these changes and improvements, we have revamped our Masterclasses. It was important for us to create new masterclass videos that provide you with the information you need 💡
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