Ucommerce 9.4 - Scalability, Stores app, Product Search, & Developer Love

We are excited to present you to the newly released version of Ucommerce, version 9.4, that centers around Scalability, Stores app, Product Search, and Developer Love. 

This release marks yet another great step towards creating better, faster, and simpler workflows - all to make Ucommerce a joy to work with and to support your digital commerce projects. 

Prepare yourself for the incredible performance that will speed up your e-commerce and a brand new product search feature that will make your day easier.

Manage multiple sales channels easily with the new Stores app

Over the years, e-commerce has matured to become more than just one channel. Today, it is common for an e-commerce solution to cover multiple channels. Ucommerce has always been able to do multi-channel set-ups but for 9.4, we decided to invest in making working with multi-channels even better. This applies both when working with multi-channel scenarios that span the world of B2B and B2C such as when working with multinational e-commerce, multi-brand e-commerce, in-store e-commerce, multi-trading partners, multi-delivery channels, and so on. 

It is enabled with the new Stores App shipped with v9.4 that makes it much easier to operate all the channels within the platform since this new Stores app supports managing thousands of sales channels in one central place with a contemporary look and feel.

Experience the brand new Stores app in the demo presented by Lead Frontend Developer at Ucommerce, Esben Kvorning, and find out how we have improved performance and enabled faster and easier navigation:

Scale BOLT API across multiple instances with new Elasticsearch provider

The new version of Ucommerce also includes an update to BOLT. Now you can enjoy the possibility of scaling the BOLT API across multiple instances via the new Elasticsearch provider for BOLT. Black Friday will never again be an issue 💥

Through Elasticsearch, BOLT offers unprecedented scalability. It enables you to scale the catalogs APIs of Ucommerce to multiple instances, which work together to deliver top performance. These instances can also be hosted in the cloud across multiple data centers to ensure fast performance locally to your customers.

You will also experience faster indexing performance over the Lucene provider when you are using Elasticsearch. In many cases, this means that the time for indexing operations will be reduced from hours to minutes.


When to use Lucene and Elasticsearch engines

The Lucene provider for BOLT continues to be a great option for smaller, high-performance set-ups. As a rule of thumb, use the Lucene provider when you have just one server in your setup and less than 100,000 SKUs. In Ucommerce 9.4 we added an indexing optimization of 33% to the Lucene provider over 9.3 and previous versions in BOLT.

Whenever you bump to two servers or more, the Elasticprovider is required to share indexes between instances of Ucommerce and when you need to index high volumes of data - learn more about that through our documentation here.

Enjoy a demo of the Elasticsearch provider for BOLT presented by Senior Software Developer at Ucommerce, David Kelemen:

Find the product you are looking for faster than ever with the new Product Search feature 

To make your day easier, we have decided to include a brand new Product Search feature with Ucommerce 9.4, which makes it super fast to find the product you are looking for. This new Product Search capability is in addition to the catalog navigation that is already present. We felt we needed a new Product Search to improve performance and to create a simplistic and contemporary look and feel.
Compared to the previous Product Search feature of Ucommerce, the new feature brings you a much simpler interface by combining many discrete search fields into one, and it is much faster than before.

Get a sense of the benefits of the new Product Search feature in the demo presented by Lead Frontend Developer at Ucommerce, Esben Kvorning:

Enjoy faster performance, scalability, and more with new techy features

In Ucommerce 9.4, we have decided to include some techy features which we are sure will spark joy for all developers working with the new version. Everything from faster indexing performance and unified index configuration across any BOLT provider to new query syntaxes for new scenarios and unified handling of dictionaries for faceted navigation. This will hopefully bring a smile to all developers working with Ucommerce.

The new version is available for you to get your hands on already now. All you have to do is to jump to our download page on our website and start playing around:

"Ucommerce worked with Isobar to share an early view of Ucommerce 9.4 for a project Isobar was delivering and our teams were able to implement a Beta version ahead of the official release. This approach enabled our teams to progress development and the release has proven stable and to deliver the expected capability."
Andrew Chothia, Chief Revenue Officer, Isobar (United Kingdom) Ucommerce collaborator

To get an even more thorough overview of the platform, you can find a list of helpful articles on our documentation site. If you are new to Ucommerce, we recommend that you get started with a personal demo to show you how you can grow your business with Ucommerce.

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