Ucommerce 9.3 - Consistent experience, effortless navigation, and smooth migration

We would like to proudly present to you Ucommerce 9.3. Apart from doing our due diligence in fixing bugs reported by you, the freshly-released version, 9.3, of Ucommerce brings a long list of new features for the core platform and for Umbraco, Sitefinity, and Sitecore. Read all about them and our high-level focus for the next release in this post.

This new version is all about the details, and this release marks yet another step forward in creating better, faster, and simpler workflows. The efforts put into improving our administration interface entail a faster UI experience and streamlining as well as optimization of existing workflows. Besides, by enabling our API to search for products, categories, catalog, stores, content, and images using identifiers picked in Ucommerce 8 and prior, you will experience that migration becomes even smoother.

Below, we have listed all the new features for you to dive into:


New for the Core

Ucommerce enables digital merchants to associate content with catalog items using the new content picker experience. The new picker is available in Umbraco, Sitefinity, and Sitecore and enables smooth navigation of content structures within the CMS.

The media picker gets some love as well as it was unified with the content picker to create a consistent experience across content and media. A notable feature introduced with the latest pickers is the ability to pick a folder of images in addition to select multiple images. Image galleries for products and categories become super easy to set up.

We are also making migration to Ucommerce 9 a bit smoother by enabling BOLT API to search for products, categories, catalog, stores, content, and images using identifiers picked in Ucommerce 8 and prior.

Finally, we have spent a bit of time on sparking joy for users when working with the UIs by cleaning up some of the interfaces you see when nothing is selected or entered in various editors. It’s all about the details.


New for Umbraco: Avenue Clothing 2

Umbraco lovers will be happy to learn that we are releasing Avenue Clothing 2 for Umbraco, which is a brand new look and feel for our demo store to really show off the awesome capabilities of Umbraco and Ucommerce working together to create unique e-commerce experiences.

Avenue Clothing 2 leverages the wonderful new BOLT APIs to create not just a pretty experience but a class-leading performant experience as well.

In addition, you can get all this on the latest and greatest from Umbraco: Version 8.7 released recently. For the test and QA curious, it is notable that we were able to verify the Umbraco 8.7 RC release within an hour of its shipping by leveraging our automated QA infrastructure to run UI integration tests against Umbraco. Gotta love that Cypress test suite!


New for Sitefinity: E-commerce Widgets & Cloud Support

Sitefinity customers will enjoy accelerated development with Ucommerce 9 and Sitefinity using the updated Ucommerce widgets for Sitefinity, a set of widgets for building a complete e-commerce experience within Sitefinity fully managed by content editors. The widgets are available as a free add-on for Ucommerce 9 and Sitefinity 12.x and 13.x.

This release introduces support for Sitefinity 13.1, the latest release from Progress released in September. This includes support for Sitefinity Cloud for customers to enjoy a managed Sitefinity environment from Progress.


New for Sitecore: Avenue Clothing for V9

Finally, Sitecore devotees will love the fact that in this release, we bring Avenue Clothing up to par by leveraging the latest APIs of Ucommerce 9 to speed up the demo store and show how the awesome new BOLT APIs can be leveraged in a HELIX-based solution architecture. Super snappy, search-driven architecture for the masses!


What’s Next

The high-level focus of the next release is two-fold:

Adding a scalability option to BOLT API to support even higher performance scenarios. While BOLT was originally architected with this in mind, it will also be an opportunity to finetune the BOLT architecture to simplify building new pluggable search providers.

Continue migration of legacy UIs to KONDO by building a Stores app. This will enable managing sales channels within Ucommerce and provide access to the settings of a store.


How to get it and grow your digital business

We hope we have sparked your interest with these new changes and improvements in the release of Ucommerce 9.3. 

The new version is available for you to get your hands on already now. All you have to do is to jump to our download page on our website and start playing around.

Go to Ucommerce 9.3

If you are new to Ucommerce, we recommend that you get started with a personal demo to show you how you can grow your business with Ucommerce. 

Book a personal demo

If you are in doubt about anything or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at i[email protected].

Are you ready? The new Masterclasses are here! 🎉

With the release of Ucommerce v9, a lot of changes have been made for the Ucommerce platform. To accommodate these changes and improvements, we have revamped our Masterclasses. It was important for us to create new masterclass videos that provide you with the information you need 💡
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