Ucommerce 9 is Here!

Oh boy! It is almost difficult to believe. Months of hard work has gone into this release and it is FINALLY available and ready for you to get your hands on! 

We cannot even begin to describe the excitement that every Ucommercian is feeling at this moment. To be able to press that release button is surreal after all this time. The only thing that can top this feeling is to be able to get it in your hands and to hear what you think of it. In the end, that is all that matters. 

Prepare yourself for the incredible performance that will speed up your e-commerce and brand new UI’s that will make it a pure joy working with Ucommerce. If you are unsure about what is actually included in Ucommerce 9 (Q1) and what is yet to come, take a look at our roadmap: Roadmap: What You Can Expect and When.

Do not hesitate to dive into the deep end. The very first project using Ucommerce V9 will be kicked off by our Powerhouse Partner No Zebra already next week. Here is what their CTO Rasmus Lynggaard has to say about that:


“We are very excited to start a new project on Ucommerce V9. The reason why we chose to go with the new version at this point is mainly the new API and the way it allows us to work with indexes. It’s much more independent and makes it perfect for a headless solution. All in all, we are happy to see the features included in the new release and on the roadmap - it almost reads as our entire wish list for Ucommerce.”

– Rasmus Lynggaard
Chief Technology Officer (CTO), No Zebra

Try Ucommerce 9 Now 

Ucommerce 9 is now available on our website for download and for you to play around with. Please do – and let us know what you think. 

Take me to the download page

We will have an updated Umbraco demo site ready on our website very soon. Until then, take a look at this webinar we did a few weeks ago. Søren Spelling delivers an awesome introduction to Ucommerce 9 and the thoughts that have gone into making it. Please, let us know what you think of it. 


If you are new to Ucommerce, we recommend that you get started with a personal demo to show you how you can grow your business with Ucommerce. 

Book a personal demo now  

As said, we are truly interested in hearing what you think. Please send any feedback to [email protected] or post a comment below. Thank you very much!

Are you ready? The new Masterclasses are here! 🎉

With the release of Ucommerce v9, a lot of changes have been made for the Ucommerce platform. To accommodate these changes and improvements, we have revamped our Masterclasses. It was important for us to create new masterclass videos that provide you with the information you need 💡
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