Ucommerce 8 - The Age of the Digital Merchant

8 is genesis the place where it all starts. Ucommerce 8 is the beginning of a brand new story for Ucommerce the story of the Digital Merchant. How that story is going to unfold is unknown, but 8 is the first step towards connecting the Digital Merchant with their online store. For years we have been talking about Content & Commerce Connected, even before all the big boys found out that this is important. And for a long time, we have also been talking about connecting a CMS to a Commerce platform in order to be able to build a brand experience around your products but we need to take that a step further…

It is actually about connecting the Digital Merchant to their store and giving them the ability not only to move products online, but to actually start selling online. Fundamentally, software should aid people to become the best version of themselves and that goes for the commerce software as well. Software should give the Digital Merchants the ability to work with commerce, try out campaigns, experiment with various selling techniques and help them understand their customers buying behavior.

For all the great things online commerce has brought to the world, there is one major flaw that still remains we have taken the merchant out of the store and created a disconnect between the merchant and the store. The Digital Merchant cannot stand behind the counter, look out over his store and just experience whatever is going on. They have to go through a great trouble to figure out whether or not the store is working in an optimal way. Therefore, we need to do what we can to make the software reconnect the Digital Merchant with the store.

The first step in that journey is introducing the Ucommerce dashboard and feed that can help creating insights around what is going on in the digital store. We are basically trying to replicate the experience of standing behind the counter in your store, but in a digital setting. The dashboard gives you insights around your sales, comparing them to previous times and giving the Digital Merchants a glimpse of the basic economic activity in the store. The feed takes it to the next level, giving real time information around what is actually happening in the store at the moment! Every relevant customer action is presented in the feed, with an option for the Digital Merchant to react upon each activity if possible. The Digital Merchant can react to abandoned baskets, get a feel of their best customers and so on and if nothing else, get a feeling that stuff is happening, people are in the store, looking at stuff and the store is open for business.

And this is of course only the beginning once you have set yourself the ambition to focus on the Digital Merchant, there are a million things to do and improve. We are aware of this and have set our sights on the UI and performance of the back-end of Ucommerce in order to improve the working routines and commerce capabilities of the Digital Merchant. All in order to connect the Digital Merchant to the store.

You can expect great things in 2019 from Ucommerce!

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