Ucommerce 3.0

On October 4 we had our yearly Partner Summit, where we invited some of the best and brightest of our partners to Aarhus, where we shared our thoughts and ideas about the platform and where we were taking them. As always it was a great event, with partners from all over Europe attending, and lots of good talks and conversations.


But this year was still special…

For the first time we could publicly announce the completion of our CMS strategy that has brought us to where we are today and reveal the first steps towards Ucommerce 3.0.

We call it Ucommerce 3.0 because it reflects a major change in the company and how we go to market. The original Ucommerce 1.0 was the birth of the company, in the Umbraco ecosystem, where we still reside today, as the preferred commerce platform. Commerce 2.0 was the migration from one CMS (Umbraco) to another CMS (Sitecore) in reality from one, to many. Because with the success in the Sitecore ecosystem, integrations to Kentico and Sitefinity quickly followed. With integrations to 4 of the most popular .Net based CMS’s - and presence in 4 major markets (DK, UK, US and AU) - we now have a strong foundation to build the company on, and lift it up to the next level.

Don’t get me wrong we are not leaving any of our CMS integrations behind, but the bulk of the work is done, and now we can start focusing on the core product and improving the lives of the Digital Merchants. And with every improvement we make on the core product, the returns are four-fold, due to our 4 integrations with our 4 CMS partners.


With decisions also come consequences

One of the decisions we had to make is the separation of the product and support. We have always delivered  world class support on our platform for our partners and customers, and we’ll continue to do so. But as of the 1st October, this support is no longer a part of the product offering, as we are separating our support offering from our core product. As a partner or a customer of Ucommerce, you are free to choose whether you need support from us or not, and what level of support is required for your specific project.

We will of course maintain our highly popular Ucommerce Buddy offering, where we dedicate a developer from our core team to offer dedicated support all the way from the kick-off and as long as it is needed. But we will also offer more limited support offerings, which can suit projects with varying degrees of complexity. This way we believe we can continue offering the best support in the right way for all of our partners and their projects.


But the main message was around something completely different

We had the pleasure of having the final keynote held by one of our latest customers, Michael Ewald, who is commerce director at Lakrids by Johan Bulow. The reason we had invited Michael is because we see him as a perfect example of our future customer and when I say our, I mean not only Ucommerce, but the e-commerce industry in general. As an industry, we are still quite immature, and we need knowledgeable customers, capable of giving us challenges and bring us further. These Digital Merchants will want to be independent and will be able to do a lot of the tasks that we today associate with development. And what’s even more important, they will be looking to us, to create real business value and not just recreate commodity stuff for billable hours.

At Ucommerce, we are getting ready for a future, where the Digital Merchants will want to be able to do more themselves and become more in charge of their business. We want to help them take back control of their own website and give them the right tools and opportunities to focus on what they should do best – drive commerce…


Welcome to Ucommerce 3.0 - the age of the Digital merchant!

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