Tech deep-dive: The present and future of the Ucommerce platform

In the past months, we have put great efforts into building, changing, and improving various activities surrounding the Ucommerce platform - all revolving around the main goal of strengthening our core product. 

Following more than 15,000 hours invested in making the Ucommerce platform highly robust, flexible, and extendable, we now have a strong foundation for growing and strengthening our position.

We have upgraded the platform, extended our team, and created a better support system for our partners. In this blog post, we want to enlighten you on the efforts we have put into the platform.

Consistent experience, effortless navigation, and smooth migration

This is what our latest version of Ucommerce is all about. The release of Ucommerce v 9.3 marks a significant step forward in creating better, faster, and simpler workflows as it enables a faster UI experience, optimization of existing workflows, and an even smoother migration. The new version also features a simplified code language for a better developer experience, more intuitive UI, and bug fixes. 

We have come a long way in just a year, and now, we want to give you an update on the product. In the presentation held by Søren Spelling Lund, CPO and Founder, during our 2020 partner summit, he gave an update on the product and how we have delivered, fully or beyond, on the promises made regarding our platform. Watch the video below as Søren updates you on the roadmap:

Version 9.3 of Ucommerce brings a long list of new features for the core platform and Umbraco, Sitefinity, and Sitecore. Before we go further into this, let us take a closer look at how to ensure a seamless migration from v8 to v9. 

During our 2020 partner summit, our Customer Success Manager, Morten Skjoldager, provided the participants with valuable knowledge on how to migrate from v8 to v9. 

So, to learn more about how to approach the upgrade, why you should upgrade, if everyone should upgrade, as well as the technical challenges when migrating, watch the video below. Morten will take you through the best practices together with tips and tricks when upgrading:

For a detailed written how-to guide on how to migrate to v.9, you can always consult our documentation site.


New for the core, Umbraco, Sitefinity, and Sitecore

As mentioned above, our latest release of Ucommerce, version 9.3, brings a long list of new features for the core platform and Umbraco, Sitefinity, and Sitecore. Ucommerce enables digital merchants to associate content with catalog items using the new content picker experience. The new picker is available in Umbraco, Sitefinity, and Sitecore and enables smooth navigation of content structures within the CMS. 

Besides, for Umbraco, we have released Avenue Clothing 2, which is a brand new look and feel for our demo store to really show off the awesome capabilities of Umbraco and Ucommerce working together to create unique e-commerce experiences. 

Also, we have updated Ucommerce widgets for Sitefinity. This update gives you a set of widgets for building a complete e-commerce experience within Sitefinity, fully managed by content editors. Now you can enjoy an accelerated development with Ucommerce 9 and Sitefinity.

Finally, we have brought Avenue Clothing up to par by leveraging the latest APIs of Ucommerce 9 to speed up the demo store and show how the awesome new BOLT APIs can be leveraged in a HELIX-based solution architecture. Something the Sitecore devotees hopefully will be very happy about.

Read more about the benefits that the new version of Ucommerce has brought and get insights on what is next.

Go to blog post: Ucommerce 9.3 is here!


Modernization of UI

During our Partner Summit last month, our Lead Frontend developer, Esben Kvorning, introduced the participants to the present and future of Kondo. Kondo, our new UI, is an effort to progressively replace the user interface of the Ucommerce back office with a new application built from the ground-up, using a modern JavaScript framework (Vue.js), with best practices and contemporary designs. 

The main goal of Kondo is to spark joy, but how does it aim at doing that exactly? With its minimalist design and ecommerce centricity in focus, it puts simplicity on the agenda. Noticeably, in terms of functionality, many steps have been simplified so now, it requires fewer clicks to perform actions. 

We want to enable our partners to further extend our platform for various scenarios across B2C and B2B and complete the modernization of our UI. We will continue working on a full transition of Kondo to the new UI throughout 2021. We will keep you updated on the progress along the way.

To learn more about how the new UI ensures your time and focus are spent on things that matter most, watch the video below from our partner summit, where Esben walks you through the features of Kondo.


Search-driven API

Bolt, Ucommerce’s APIs, is one of the main focus areas in Ucommerce 9 Together with Kondo, our revamped UI, Bolt also got some well-deserved attention during the summit. Søren Skovsbøll, our Software Engineer, held an in-depth talk about the features of Bolt, and he also gave some great advice, including on how to fine-tune your Bolt queries.

First of all, the principles that guide the design of Bolt is that it needs to be fast, familiar, and extensible. A fast product retrieval is key on any ecommerce site. A fast product listing and product search page translates directly into a higher conversion rate and, therefore, higher revenue. So, the search and display of product listings need to be super fast. Bolt uses the stable and proven search engine, Lucene, and is powered by Lucene by default. At the same time, Bolt is extensible through providers. It is a familiar interface across providers, and it is made in a way that enables the user to easily figure out how to search and achieve the right results. 

Dive into the features of Bolt, the tips and tricks you can do with it, and hear Søren shed light on some of the features we have planned for v9.4 in the video below:


Other cool updates

After receiving lots of valuable feedback, we also have the new, improved version of Uccelerate (Umbraco accelerator) coming up! The release date is still to be announced.

Elastic search will be part of the upcoming Ucommerce 9.4 release, which we expect to have available later this year or at the beginning of 2021. We will come back with updates.

We hope you enjoyed the introduction to the present and future of the core product. If you wish to watch even more insightful videos sharing the latest updates from Ucommerce, we have made the 2020 partner summit speeches available for you.


We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Please direct your inquiries to [email protected]

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