Nordlux goes live: A platform to inspire cosy living


The lifestyle of ‘hygge’ has widely expanded outside Scandinavia’s borders and has been adopted all over the world. In our buzzy world, we often seek moments to slow down and try to create cosy spaces where we spend most of our time, like work or at home. 
Lighting is one of the key elements in creating a visually cosy environment. That’s where Nordlux – a Danish lighting producer comes in: To help people create homey spaces.


Framework-first in action

Nordlux focuses on B2B selling through distributors or electricians. In 2021, Ucommerce partner, Immeo, implemented a PIM & PLM system for Nordlux, and here in 2022 Immeo recommended Ucommerce to drive the B2B shop frontend on top of the previous implementation. 

Nordlux’s solution shows Ucommerce’s Framework First approach in action. Immeo has chosen to implement the frontend of Ucommerce. This means that building with Ucommerce is like playing with LEGO: Pick needed parts, put them together, and adjust or change them completely.

Immeo has built integrations to send orders from Ucommerce to Nordlux ERP system Business Central and retrieve prices and other information to be displayed. 

Although Immeo used only the frontend of Ucommerce, Jakob Bruhns (Manager & Leader of the implementation team at Immeo) says that they found the platform to be particularly interesting to companies who are not seeking the biggest enterprise-level solutions but still have a need for a complex setup to support their digital commerce development.

As Nordlux was looking for something easy to maintain and handle, Immeo found Umbraco + Ucommerce to be a perfect blend for what Nordlux was looking for.

“Ucommerce is useful to implement for customers that do not need massive solutions.”
Jakob Bruhns Manager & Leader of the implementation process at Immeo


Since 1977, Nordlux has focused on offering exceptional & high-quality lighting at attractive prices. The company has just launched a brand new website implemented by Ucommerce Partner Immeo. Immeo has a team of 100 professionals, located in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Aalborg.

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