New Faces: A Round of Introductions

Let’s do a short walkthrough of the changes that have happened in team Ucommerce during the last six months. We’ve been blessed with seven awesome people who deserve a proper introduction.

The past six months have been really exciting! Back in April, we released Ucommerce 9 which was a huge deal. In fact, V9 is the biggest release since V1. In order to keep up and maintain a high level of quality, the office has been enriched with new, talented people. We believe it is only fair to give them a proper introduction, so please welcome… 


Michael Beisner
Global Sales Manager


Our latest add-on to the team is Michael who is still trying to settle in and get familiar with the product and the procedures. Michael comes from a background in the software industry, specifically within ERP, ECM, and Document Management, and 20 years of experience in sales and business development while working with and via partners. Outside the office, Michael is enjoying life together with his family and friends, and, from time to time, he goes for a run or plays a round of golf. When we asked Michael why he found Ucommerce interesting, he emphasized “the people, the product, the potential, and the partners” and added that “this will lay the foundation for an amazing development journey for me.” We are too, very excited to see what our partnership and the future will bring, but there is no doubt that it will be awesome!


Gunnar Schøenfeldt
Head of Global Sales


With VP of Sales and Marketing, Mette de Linde, off on maternity leave, a sales position opened which Gunnar fortunately accepted. Gunnar has experience from IT development, project management, enterprise software, and more than 15 years within sales, so we are certain that Gunnar will make an impact and contribute with great value to Ucommerce and our partners. 

Outside the office, Gunnar enjoys life at sea on his sailboat. When he is not crossing the Atlantic, he occasionally rides his horses or bakes sourdough bread with his 10-year-old sourdough starter. When we asked Gunnar what excites him the most about his new role he said: “I’m looking forward to engaging with our partners and to understand how we can work together to grow the business of both partners and Ucommerce. I’ll enjoy working together with skilled colleagues in a great culture.” And as Gunnar says: “I truly think that we have a great journey ahead of us and a great potential to unleash.” We could not agree more, and we are looking very much forward to the journey. 


Urtė Spalvytė
Junior UX Designer


An increased focus on UX required new talented people to lift the important assignment. With an educational background in Digital Concept Development and a great interest in UX, we found Urté to be a match made in heaven for our Customer Experience team. Her motivation for choosing Ucommerce is unmistakable as she states: “Ucommerce has been under my radar ever since I was in search of an internship, and when I saw that there was an opening within a position that I am very passionate about, I just had to get it!” And we are just as excited that she has joined the team! Outside the office, Urte enjoys exploring new recipes, reading non-fiction, and watching movies – and she describes herself as a Friends geek. 


Kamal Teta
Customer Success Agent


In the past six months, we have revamped the support team which you can now refer to as Customer Success Agents. As a part of that journey,  we needed more superpowers which is why we asked Kamal to join the team. With years of experience within e-commerce and a great understanding of the technical elements, not to mention his cool personality, we can without a doubt say that Kamal is very valuable to us. We asked Kamal why he chose Ucommerce to what he replied: “Because I’ve previously heard about the great working environment, and because I find the product and work tasks very interesting”. Outside office hours, Kamal practices judo and likes to draw. What an absolutely amazing combination that is!


Alberte Sehested Dyrgaard
Content Creator


Alberte joined the marketing team late February and has since then kept busy with creating content for our various digital media platforms, including our website, blog, and social media, as well as begun to plan the Ucommerce Partner Summit 2020. Outside the office, Alberte is finalizing her bachelor’s degree in International Business Communication. When we asked Alberte what she was looking most forward to working for Ucommerce she answered: “to be part of such an innovative and inclusive company culture where ideas are heard, personal and professional development are in focus and results are achieved through cooperation”. Besides academia and her Content Creator duties, Alberte dedicates her time to volunteer work, cooking, and learning to play the guitar. 


Daniel Berg Frederiksen
Junior Software Developer


For the last half year, we have been fortunate to have Daniel around at the office as a developer intern. Daniel’s primary tasks have been to help out with Project Bolt, our new  search-based API, which was released in mid April. He has been invaluable to the team which is why we have offered to extend Daniel’s time at Ucommerce, so luckily we do not have to say our goodbyes to Daniel just yet. A fun fact about Daniel is that he back in college was active in music and dance, where he danced various dances, such as funk, salsa, samba and cuban. 


Helle Jensen
Customer Experience Director


At the beginning of the new year, Ucommerce got a Customer Experience Director who now also looks after team marketing while VP of Sales & Marketing, Mette de Linde, is on maternity leave. We are so excited to have Helle at the office with her many years of experience with UX and her cool personality. Helle’s main priority is reaching out to our partners and customers and figure out what we can do better; how we can be the best partner and make the best product possible. She underlines that she is far from a one-man-army; UX is a joint effort. It is crucial that everyone is involved and that everything she learns is brought on to the entire Ucommerce team. “It’s about humans," she says, so if you do not have the right understanding of the people involved when you are developing, the product easily becomes detached. Let us make sure that does not happen. 



That was one big round of introductions but nonetheless an important one. Other than welcoming new faces at the office, there have also been some changes to the existing staff:

  • Morten Skjoldager, who has been with Ucommerce since 2013 when he was working as an intern, has been promoted to Customer Success Manager. He is now in charge of the support team which means his most noble task is to make sure our customers are happy and successful in their e-commerce adventures.
  • Lukas Vaclavek and Daniel Berg have both been asked to join the development team full-time. Until now, Lukas has been an intern and a student worker and Daniel just finished his internship at Ucommerce, but with a degree in their hand we had to make sure they were not going anywhere else. We are thrilled to have them both continue at Ucommerce!


Let us not forget everyone else at Ucommerce – check out all the awesome employees here.

Are you ready? The new Masterclasses are here! 🎉

With the release of Ucommerce v9, a lot of changes have been made for the Ucommerce platform. To accommodate these changes and improvements, we have revamped our Masterclasses. It was important for us to create new masterclass videos that provide you with the information you need 💡
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