Meet Your Presenters for the Ucommerce 9.4 Launch Event

The Ucommerce 9.4 Launch Event kicks-off in just one week, the 25th of February from 3.30 to 4.30 PM (UTC+1) 🚀 

To give you a sense of what you can expect, the presenters have summed up what you should look the most forward to during the 1-hour virtual event.

The team of presenters consists of three bright minds and each brings a unique set of skills, knowledge, and expertise. Get to know the presenters a bit better and find out what you can learn from them during the event.

Søren Spelling Lund

Founder and CPO
I am super excited to be able to show you Ucommerce 9.4 very soon. There is really something to look forward to. I hope you will join us on February 25th!
Søren Spelling Lund Founder & CPO, Ucommerce

Our first presenter is the Founder and CPO at Ucommerce, Søren Spelling Lund, who will deliver a high-level walkthrough of the central themes for Ucommerce 9.4.

More than 10 years ago, Søren founded Ucommerce, and since then, it has grown bigger each year. In 2020, Ucommerce shipped version 9.0, the most significant release since the very first version. Since then, we have continued making improvements to the Ucommerce platform. Now, we are soon able to introduce you to the latest version of Ucommerce, version 9.4. We are looking forward to sharing the newest and coolest features that are shipped with this version!

Hear from Søren what you can expect from joining the event:

David Kelemen

Senior Software Developer
I hope you will join my colleagues and I as we announce Ucommerce 9.4. I am hijacking the microphone for 15 minutes to talk about our upcoming integration with Elasticsearch, a new technology that will power search in Ucommerce.
David Kelemen Senior Software Developer, Ucommerce

Last, but definitely not least, we have Senior Software Developer, David Kelemen. David will give us an overview of the new Elasticsearch provider for BOLT, showcase its performance, and tell us when, how and why to switch to it from an alternative.

To get a head start, find out more about BOLT, our search-driven API, right here: 



David, our Scrum Master, started at Ucommerce as an intern in 2015, and now, he has been part of the Ucommerce team for almost 6 years. 

Find out more about what David will introduce you to in his session:

Esben Kvorning

Lead Frontend Developer
Very shortly we are releasing Ucommerce 9.4 which will include some really nice features for the back office that I will be demoing for you. I hope you will be able to join us on this day!
Esben Kvorning Lead Frontend Developer, Ucommerce

Lead Frontend Developer, Esben Kvorning, will present to you in a live demo how easily you can manage multiple sales channels in one central place with the Stores app. He is looking forward to showing you its brand new look and feel!

Esben will also demonstrate the new Product Search feature that brings you a much simpler interface by combining many discrete search fields into one.

For many years, Esben has worked within the web industry. Some years ago, he chose to focus exclusively on frontend development, which we have enjoyed at Ucommerce for more than a year now.

Learn what Esben thinks you should look most forward to during his demo:

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