Introducing the New Ucommerce Partner Program

We’re launching the new Ucommerce Partner Program to amplify and help grow our platform and partners.

Our current partner model

Before we go into details about the new Partner Program, let us explain what our current program looks like. For the past 4 years, the partner program has been based on a 3-tier structure.

Certified Partner

Entry level for partners who have the
ambition to do e-commerce projects based on Ucommerce.

Certified Solution Partner

Mid-level for partners who have delivered one or more Ucommerce projects.

Power House

Top-level for partners who are dedicated to Ucommerce and who contribute in one way or another to the Ucommerce ecosystem.



We are sticking with the 3-tiers structure but we are making a few changes. Until now, it took 2 developers on our free online Masterclass. We have certified more than 1,000 developers from all over the world, which is amazing. But on the flipside, it takes resources from the product team, since we're dedicating a person for 2 days, in 3 time zones and with 4 CMS's – it simply takes too much manpower. Instead of online Masterclasses, we have converted all our Masterclass material into self-paced training. This means that most the material is now available on for Umbraco, Kentico, Sitefinity, and Sitecore – and the best part – it's free.



On top of the training, we are introducing a new online certification program. Just like the training, anyone can go in and get certified - at any time. As something new, we will also introduce certification for Sales Professionals, which by the way is free. Each developer certification comes with a cost of €199 and is valid each major version numbers of Ucommerce. We're super excited about this and hope you will like it. The door will be open from January 1, 2019. This is just the beginning. Sign up here and get notified.


Partner Lead Generation Program

As something new we're separating customer leads from our current partner program and hereby offers a 100% dedicated program to generate leads for our partners. The Lead Generation Program is made in collaboration with the digital marketing agency Kynetic in order to generate customer leads based on Ucommerce as a platform.

”We want to show and tell the world that we are the greatest commerce & content platform out there. And we want to grow hand in hand with our partners by providing them with more and better leads than ever before."

Two-in-one inbound marketing strategy

The new Partner Lead Generation Program in generated in 2 parallel tracks. One for increasing the brand awareness of Ucommerce in all markets (upper funnel). The goal is to increase both direct traffic to and searched on Ucommerce as a brand. The second track is about harvest and qualifying leads, as we commit to delivering a min. of 3 leads per partner how are participating in the program.   

Track 1: Upper funnel
Objective: Increase brand awareness in all markets

Expected grow in 2019 →
  • + 30% lift in brand searches
  • + 20% lift in direct traffic
Track 2: Mid and lower funnel
Objective: Grow the number of leads to Ucommerce partners
Expected grow in 2019 →
  • + 600 leads in total
  • + Minimum 3 leads to every partner**

* Lead definition: A qualified lead is a company ready to choose an implementation partner to a defined commerce project. **Partners in the inbound-programme. Each lead is shared between 2-3 partners in total.

Do you also want to receive a minimum of 3 leads over the next 12 months? Please do not hesitate to contact our Global Partner Manager, Anders Stentebjerg and get more details about the program. 

So to summarize

  1. Tiers: Sticking with the 3-tier structure and making it annual. 
  2. Onboarding: Going from 2 certified developers to 1 Certified Developer and 1 Sales Professional to become a Certified Ucommerce Partner.
  3. Leads: We are separating leads from our current partner program and introducing Ucommerce Partner Lead Program. Please reach out to Global Partner Manager, Anders Stentebjerg for more info.
  4. Training: Still free, but now as self-paced training:
  5. Certification: New online certification for both Developers (€199,-) and Sales Professionals (free). Starting from January 1, 2019. Sign up here and get notified

Still curious?

Please reach out to Global Partner Manager, Anders Stentebjerg and get a presentation about the program. 

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