Introducing our new Partner Program

It’s been almost a year since we hosted Ucommerce Partner Summit 2019, and a lot has happened since then. We’ll give you an update on what we’ve been up to, where we’re at now, and in which direction we’re going.

We’ll also share some insights about what we’re currently working on, some of the strategic choices we’ve made, how we’ve changed our mindset to be more customer-centric, and introduce you to our new Partner Program, full of great benefits.

Your feedback means the world to us (literally) 

Basically, all of our strategic choices and the decisions that we have made are centered around the feedback that we have received from our partners and customers. We are making a virtue of listening to you and incorporating your feedback to the best of our ability. And here is how this became our number one priority:

More than 10 years ago, Ucommerce launched itself onto the battlefield for start-ups. Through the years, the commerce platform has turned from a small start-up project to a market-leading global product. With such growth follows organizational changes. Tech and commercial were drifting apart, and we spread ourselves too thin among all of our partners. It became clear to us that priorities other than product development needed to be put on the agenda. 


Going back to the core

One of the most unique and valuable things about Ucommerce is the fact that we are part of a powerful ecosystem that consists of our partners and end-customers across the globe. It is that ecosystem we are built upon and that we must put first at all times. And that is how we will do it: we are going back to the core. 

Essentially, this new focus on the core of Ucommerce entails going back to our roots - back to where we originally began, simply listening to our partners and users, and developing according to their needs and demands.

As mentioned, a great amount of time was dedicated to improving the core platform, and moreover, creating both a UX and a Customer Success team also marks some of the important steps in assuring that our ecosystem continues to thrive and develop and that we keep our focus on our partners. This is all part of our journey towards becoming more customer-centric. 

But besides elevating the platform, by investing more than 10,000 hours into it since last fall, staffing up to step up our customer and support experience, and releasing Ucommerce version 9, we have been focusing on developing a new Partner Program to evolve our partnerships further.


The new partner program

Our partners have spoken and we have listened. Well, and developed, and implemented, and changed, and improved, and now we are ready with our new partner program.

The very core of the program is to have a much more dedicated collaboration with our top tier partners. We want to enable our partners to create a better business, and that starts with us and the product we deliver.

We know that the end-customers do not buy a platform, they buy a solution to a business problem, and the fact that we are now moving closer to our partners helps us improve the quality of the solutions and make our partners’ business more valuable. 


Ultimately, we want to be the most loved partner

Our partners are the heart of both the business and the product strategy.

The new Partner Program is a new way of cooperating with our partners that entails a mutually beneficial program where the partnership is a joint success.


“We have done our utmost to design a partner program that is a two-way street, and already, we have more sign-ups than we have hoped for. I am confident that this partner program is going to be very successful and it backs up perfectly the strategy we laid out last year at our Partner Summit.”
Hannu Vangsgaard



We have created this new partner program because we want our partners to feel empowered, in control, delighted, and efficient and the program contains concrete tools and benefits to ensure this.

These four words and, our mentality that lays behind them, are key in ensuring that our customers succeed in their implementations and making sure we go above and beyond and deliver that little extra for our partners wherever we can.


The three pillars of the Partner Program 


  More dedicated collaboration with partners

  Enable our partners to deliver implementations of higher quality

  Contribute to our partners’ revenue stream


In other words, we want to build long-lasting relationships with our partners where we work together to create successful projects of the highest possible quality. Expect this to be a two-way street where you as a partner will have an actual influence on the platform and, at the same time, we will enable you to build awesome solutions by providing you with the necessary knowledge, support, and training. 


For us, quality is undoubtedly linked to a high level of knowledge, therefore, we are going to require more from our partners and on the flipside expect them to do the same from us. We believe in dedicated partnerships where we mutually invest in our joint success.
Mette de Linde
VP of Sales & Marketing



So, to sum it all up, we believe that Ucommerce is entering an exciting and promising future that involves a close relationship with our top-tier partners.

Many partners have already signed up for the program, and if you want to join, visit the Partner Program page on our website to see all the benefits and requirements. 

We are looking very much forward to talking to all of you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. You can reach us at: [email protected]

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