Instagram Checkout with Ucommerce

Recently Instagram has rolled out its new checkout feature which allows users to buy products directly from the Instagram app. At Ucommerce, we have been talking about multi-channel for years, and this feature will allow you to get another channel to drive revenue to your shop.

Instagram has around 130 million active users every month. For brands, it's a unique opportunity to engage with such a big audience. What’s more, with the new checkout feature the user’s journey from the decision to buy to the execution of the actual transaction is frictionless and takes only a few small steps. We also know that shoppers drop off if they have to enter their credit card details repeatedly.


Enough about Instagram, how do I get started if I'm running a Ucommerce shop?

It's very straightforward. All you need to do is create a dedicated template that loops the products you would like to sell on Instagram. We made it even easier with a built-in feed template in Uccelerate, a Ucommerce accelerator currently available exclusively for Umbraco.

Quick guide

  1. Go to Content section in Umbraco
  2. Create a new page with the document type "Feed". This page is hidden from the main navigation on the site. 
  3. Find the URL to the page on the info tab and view the page.
  4. Add a couple of parameters to the URL and you’re good to go!


The template, depending on the parameters, contains SKU, display name, description, image URL, price, currency, and stock level. And as always, if you have any custom definitions, just edit the feed template and you’re all set. 

Copy the URL from the feed page and head over to Facebook/Instagram to create your Instagram channel.

Both Facebook and Instagram provide you with settings regarding how often the feed should be updated. That's it. Pretty simple. You're now ready to start selling on Instagram and Facebook with a direct integration Ucommerce. From a brand’s perspective, this change also presents a pretty interesting opportunity to try something new and see what works.

If you are running a Ucommerce shop and have an Instagram account, we definitely think you should test this feature, as it can drive more revenue to your shop.

Checkout on Instagram is currently in closed beta for businesses and available to people in the US. The brands below will begin rolling out soon — and more will be coming soon!


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