Highlights from the Ucommerce 9.4 Launch Event

Last week, we hosted a Launch Event to announce Ucommerce 9.4 for more than a hundred partners, customers, and collaborators from all around the world. We want to say a huge thanks to everyone who attended the event! We had a blast showing you all the new features, sharing what is next on our roadmap, and especially answering the great questions you had for us!

If you could not attend the event or would like to rewatch the webinar, then do not worry. We have collected all the recordings and highlights in a blog post below. Enjoy!

Highlights From the 9.4 Launch Event

During the Launch Event, we introduced the new features shipped with Ucommerce 9.4 and showcased how they can support your e-commerce business by improving performance and making Ucommerce even more enjoyable to work with. The attendees experienced a high-level walkthrough of the themes for 9.4 as well as presentations and live demos of both the Stores App, Product Search, and the Elasticsearch provider for BOLT.

The Ucommerce 9.4 Launch Event centered around the three pillars of Ucommerce 9.4. These include multi-channel capabilities, search capabilities in the backend, and new enterprise scalability for Ucommerce.

Watch the recording of our 9.4 Launch Event and learn more about:

What you can expect for the future of Ucommerce

How we have improved performance

How we have enabled faster and easier navigation

How you can now scale across multiple instances for your ecommerce solution

You can find the highlights for each of these pillars presented during the Launch Event below!

Multi-Channel Capabilities

During the Ucommerce 9.4 Launch Event, the improved multi-channel capabilities were presented by our Lead Frontend Developer, Esben Kvorning, with a demo of the new Stores App and the new Product Search feature.

The latest version of Ucommerce brings an extensive improvement in managing multiple stores. This applies both when working with multi-channel scenarios that span the world of B2B and B2C, such as when working with multinational e-commerce, multi-brand e-commerce, in-store e-commerce, multi-trading partners, multi-delivery channels, and so on. 

The new Stores App shipped with v 9.4 makes it much easier to operate all the channels within the platform. This new Stores App supports working with up to 2,048 channels.

Backend Search Capabilities

An important highlight from the Launch Event is the new Product Search feature which can make your day easier as it allows you to find the product you are looking for faster than ever. Overall, it improves performance and brings a simple interface by combining many discrete search fields into one with a contemporary look and feel.

Ucommerce is a tool used day-in and day-out by digital merchants, and efficient navigation is a cornerstone of getting the job done. So, that is enabled by our new Product Search feature.
Søren Spelling Lund Founder and CPO, Ucommerce

New Enterprise Scalability 

It is the first time we can introduce enterprise-level scalability with Ucommerce, which we are extremely excited to be able to provide.
During the Launch Event, a central theme was the new provider for BOLT, our API. The existing provider based on Lucene only works on one machine, which offers limited scalability across multiple servers. So, to enable high scalability, we are using a new provider for BOLT with Ucommerce 9.4, which is based on Elasticsearch that works in addition to the Lucene provider. Elasticsearch provides enterprise search capabilities, the ability to run on multiple servers, and it enables you to scale across many instances for your e-commerce solution.

To find out when and why you should use the Elasticsearch provider over the Lucene provider, watch the recording of the Launch Event available below, where David, our Senior Software Developer guides you through the rule of thumb.


Roadmap: What You Can Expect and When

One of the things we have been excited to share with you during the Launch Event is the future path of Ucommerce. E-commerce is the new infrastructure of the web, and is now vital across systems, apps, and channels. We need to support that and here is how are we going to do that.

The key themes are headless APIs,  porting to .NET Core, Ucommerce Managed Cloud, and our long-term goal of turning Ucommerce into a Cloud Native offering. This is a very large step for us, and we are extremely excited to show you our 3-step plan!

Ucommerce 9.4 is available now!

"Ucommerce worked with Isobar to share an early view of Ucommerce 9.4 for a project Isobar was delivering and our teams were able to implement a Beta version ahead of the official release. This approach enabled our teams to progress development and the release has proven stable and to deliver the expected capability."
Andrew Chothia, Chief Revenue Officer, Isobar (United Kingdom) Ucommerce collaborator

Ucommerce 9.4 is available for you to get your hands on now, and we are looking very much forward to hearing your thoughts about it.

To learn even more about how you can scale your digital business with Ucommerce, go to our release blog post, where you find more information about the most remarkable changes and improvements shipped with the new version.

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