Ucommerce Partner Summit 2020

E-commerce solutions: A discussion with Novicell and Wølund & Wraae

Some of the major learning points that lead to a successful growth for us come from knowledge sharing and feedback sessions with our partners and end-customers. We truly believe that collective learning driven by open dialogues contributes to further improving the digital ecosystem. Therefore, we want to share with you an open panel discussion we organized during the 2020 Ucommerce Partner Summit where we gained great insights from some of our Powerhouse Partners.

Henning Wraae, UX Director and CEO at Wølund & Wraae and Adam Peter Nielsen, CTO at Novicell shared their view towards Ucommerce, why they consider Ucommerce a good fit, and where they see the role of e-commerce in the short-term future. Wølund and Wraa has worked with us for about 4 years and Novicell has been a partner with us since the beginning. Both partners have built a great deal of licensed solutions and possess a lot of experience, so we really value their insights.

If you want to see the whole panel discussion unfold, we made the full recording available below.

If you would like to read the quick summary instead, here are the key takeaways:

  • Both B2B and B2C industries still have a lot of space to grow in terms of digitalization. The current times have forced companies to accelerate digitalization and reprioritize digital efforts.   
  • Ucommerce is a good fit for customers that need a more flexible solution compared to out of the box options. There is a good fit when the customers’ intention is both technology and business-driven and where content is seen as a valuable tool in creating a good user experience. 
  • Ucommerce’s role is often to handle the processes around the order and product as well as enhance the data found in PIM and ERPs systems.
  • Looking into the future and the fast-paced digital environment in which new systems are always coming up, the question is how can we optimize the connectivity between e-commerce and other essential tools while maintaining a stable platform? One answer is closer collaborations at a development level between Ucommere and partners, which will also help remove friction and ensure a smooth experience for the end-user.
  • Knowledge-sharing among agencies, especially concerning customized solutions, would be a big win for everyone.


“Looking into the future is a hard task, but we can see that there are a lot of customers going very fast into the B2C market. They want to sell directly to the customer”
Henning Wraae
CEO at Wølund and Wraae

“From an end-user perspective, it is evolving into more of a contextual purchasing experience. This means that just building a nice commerce solution on-site or in-store is not necessarily enough”
Adam Peter Nielsen
 CTO at Novicell


We collected all the highlights from this session and you can read more about them in a separate blog post

We hope you found this as insightful as we did! We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the Ucommerce Partner Summit 2021!

If you have any questions or comments you want to share with us, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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