Announcing the Ucommerce MVPs and Power Houses for 2018/2019

This year’s annual Ucommerce Partner Summit took place on October 4, 2018 in Aarhus, Denmark. One of the traditions of the Summit that our team cultivates is announcing and honoring the Ucommerce MVPs and Power Houses.

Both an MVP and a Power House are titles given based on an outstanding performance when working on Ucommerce projects. However, while an MVP is an acknowledgment for an individual, a Power House is whole company – one that is already a Ucommerce Certified Partner.


Ucommerce Most Valuable Professionals 2018/2019

We divide the MVPs into 2 categories: Developer and Business.

This year's Ucommerce Business MVPs are:

  • Ole Jensen, Kruso, Denmark
  • Jesper Joensen, No Zebra, Denmark
  • Morten Longgaard, Novicell, Denmark
  • Claus Winther, Oxygen, Denmark
  • Henning Wraae, Wølund & Wraae, Denmark
  • Paul de Matter, Arlanet, Netherlands
  • Andy Thomson, Luminary, Australia
  • Anthony Hook, Triggerfish, Australia


This year's Ucommerce Developer MVPs are:

  • Ihor Skalov, Kruso, Denmark
  • Morten Ebsen, Kruso, Denmark
  • Lennard Fonteijn, Arlanet, Netherlands
  • Matt Nield, Ridgeway, United kingdom
  • Tim Gaunt, The Site Doctor, United Kingdom
  • Erik Knutsson, Webmind, Sweden
  • Linus Dahl, Webmind, Sweden
  • Andy Thomson, Luminary Australia
  • Anthony Hook, Triggerfish, Australia
  • Al Hickman, C2, USA

Ucommerce Power Houses 2018/2019

This year's Ucommerce Power Houses are:

  • Luminary, Australia
  • Kruso, Denmark
  • LAIT, Denmark
  • No Zebra, Denmark
  • Oxygen, Denmark
  • Novicell, Denmark
  • Vertica, Denmark
  • Twins, Denmark
  • Arlanet, Netherlands
  • Webmind, Sweden
  • Ridgeway, United Kingdom
  • Element 78, United Kingdom
  • Sagittarius, United Kingdom
  • The Site Doctor, United Kingdom
  • Ntara, USA
  • C2, USA

The Ucommerce team would like to congratulate all of the recipients and thank them for helping us succeed.

Til next year!

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